The And Supporting Factors Of Communication Essays

The And Supporting Factors Of Communication Essays

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Inhabiting and supporting factors of communication

Communication is important to enable information to be passed .it is important to communicate appropriately in a health and social care setting in order to provide good care. There are various things which may affect communication such as written, oral, specialised and computerised.

In a health and social care setting it is important to speak clearly while having a conversation with the service user .for example in and elderly years care setting the service users hearing might not be good so they will find it difficult to keep up with the service provider .therefore it is important to speak at an appropriate pace in order to communicate effectively ,if you are talking to fast this could create a barrier between the service user and provider and make them feel confused and unvalued, it may also suggest the service user is in a hurry and doesn’t have time for the service provider which will make them feel unimportant .

In a health care setting if the service user knows someone who works there or one of the service providers they may feel uncomfortable and distracted by this. for example in a doctors surgery the service users may know the doctor they are consulting with and need to talk about something personal then the service user may find it will be very hard to communicate effectively and may feel uneasy this can result in them feeling embarrassed about the situation to overcome this they could change the service provider to someone who they didn 't know and would feel more assured talking to.

In a health and social care setting If a room is too noisy it can’t stop the service user from concentrating on what they are meant to be doing and distract them .for example if they we...

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...get someone who knows sign language and also learn it themselves. This will then help the service user feel valued and supported as it is not inhibiting the communication between them it also makes the service user feel empowered.

If someone who is from a different country is trying to communicate with you and you don’t understand then it may be quite awkward and hard to look as if you were respecting them or you could come across as being a little patronizing . To overcome this you could try as hard as you can to listen to show you are interested or find a translator that will help with the problem. At a school a new pupil starts but can’t speak English. The service user will feel very isolated and lonely. The pupils or the new person will not understand what each other is saying. Give the new person books to translate things into English and maybe get a translator

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