Essay on The And Scope Of The Crc Programs

Essay on The And Scope Of The Crc Programs

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Given the scale and scope of the CRC programs, i.e. the large number of participating communities, the overall evaluation goal is to empower participating communities to perform their own evaluations in becoming cardiac ready communities. Thus, the evaluation strategy consists of providing the participating communities with resources (e.g. evaluation manuals) and technical assistance needed to enable ongoing self-assessment.

The evaluation approach for CRC is grounded in system thinking. Improving communities’ cardiac emergency readiness through strengthening the chain of survival, requires a coordinated effort of all subsystems involved in the cardiac system of care, i.e. bystanders, 911 dispatch centers, emergency medical services, critical access hospitals, and PCI hospitals. The different subsystems are interconnected and all work toward a common goal of improving OHCA survival rates. There are upstream and downstream dependencies in the cardiac system of care. For example, if bystanders initiate CPR, emergency medical services and hospitals are more likely to have a successful save. Similarly, bystanders are more likely to initiate CPR if 911 dispatch centers practice emergency medical dispatching.

Improving OHCA survival rates hinges on an efficient cardiac system of care. According to Renger (2015), the evaluation of a system’s efficiency should consist of an assessment of the system’s alignment of subsystem processes and critical system attributes (i.e. system actors, leadership, and information technology infrastructure) toward a common efficiency goal. For example, it is critical all actors in the cardiac system of care (i.e. bystanders and medical providers) are competent a...

... middle of paper ... drill format (Department of Homeland Security, 2013).

Step 6. Evaluate the CRC community system

A CRC community validated as ready will then be evaluated for its ability to engage in a coordinated response. Building on the HSEEP building block approach a table top exercise will be included in the CRC self-assessment manual. The table top exercise is presented in a power point format that uses questions to challenge stakeholders as to how they would respond in a coordinated manner. Then, this will build base for full scale exercise.

Step 7. Gather feedback about and refine self-assessment manual

The project coordinator and the evaluation team will on an on-going basis gather feedback as the pilot community completes the different steps of the self-assessment manual. The refined manual will be distributed to all the participating CRC communities.

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