Scope Creep Research Proposal Example

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Memo Date: May 15th, 2014 To: Professor Karen Rainford From: Nancy Lema, Project Manager at NVL Consultant Purpose The purpose of this proposal is to request authorization to investigate the problem of scope creep within your organization, a common issue that arises within companies conducting projects. The goal of the research is to identify the risks scope creep poses and how it affects the outcome of projects. Project Overview In any given project, a very common reason for projects failure is the poor scope management and control. Scope creep is the current leading cause of project failure globally according to the 2010 Global Survey; top 10 obstacles to project success. Scope creep usually comes about when features are changed or added to a project, and this could prove detrimental to a project in terms of budget increment or project failure. The following proposal outlines the problem of scope creep, a summary of my initial research, the research tasks, and an estimate schedule if this research proposal is approved. Problem discussion GGM Group Inc is a software company that deals with design and implementation projects. Over the last five years, the company has experienced a decrease in revenue due to the lack of contracts from vendors. The reason for this freeze resulted from the company’s inability to take on more projects and meet up with promised deliverables as scheduled. It appears the company was spending more than the required time on projects because of scope creep. Scope creep refers to scope change which happens slowly and unofficially, without changing due dates or otherwise making adjustments to the budget while conducting projects. These conditions though not specified within the original scope needs ... ... middle of paper ... ...esearch methods for handling scope creep After conducting extensive research and speaking with the senior project manager, I will be able to narrow my research and determine the best ways to handle scope creep during a project. This will be done by completely a second round of research, specifically gathering details about ways to prevent scope creep. Task 5: Submit progress report for this problem investigation I will submit a progress report for this investigation paper. It will provide you with the progress information for my research and the analysis based on my research. I will use feedback from this to finalize my research paper. Task 6: Analysis the findings and complete the research paper The completed paper will provide the research finding in regards to scope creep and suggestions for effectively managing them in order to have a successful project.
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