Essay about The And Of An Interpretive Community

Essay about The And Of An Interpretive Community

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As pointed out by Leal (2002), and as paradoxical it may seem, journalism, often seen as disseminator of the “new”, and the “different”, strongly needs a familiar relationship, constructed ordinarily, day by day. That 's because as a commercial product, the newspaper or newscaster presuppose a habit of consumption, structured around the regularity of their circulation or emission. In addition, to generate the confidence pact with the reader, the newspaper or the newscaster have to prove worthy of it and therefore depend on a relationship of intimacy, built over time.
It’s also in this sense, that the journalistic narrative mobilizes certain assumptions and is constituted by a mise-en-intrigue (Ricoeur, 1994) that is familiar to the sedimented real schemes for an interpretative community. After all, as stressed by Leal, "the newspaper by presenting recognizable and identified to a reader, and make itself plausible as a common object, becomes acceptable its content, the real conveyed by him" (LEAL, 2002:4). That is why a “news”, to be postulated as a narrative of reality, depends on that certain procedures are naturalized, becoming familiar the ways the newspaper or newscaster sets the world. This seems to be common to both the printed media as television, despite their great textual differences. Hence the audio-verb-visual conformation is so important to give unity and become identifiable which could be a scattered collection, both inside the media (each particular news with its images, sources, data, etc.; or their differentiation in relation to other products of the channel, in the case of television) and in regular succession of their daily numbers.
It is by the marks of enunciation, which involve the layout and a news buildi...

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...ision. Our first interpretation is given by the same narrative gesture that connects a law to the idea of authentication of reality, since it conventionally functions as an authoritative discourse, which restricts, allows, confirms etc.
Now that the “name of the magazine” was presented, let 's see an example in which Barcelona mobilizes distinct elements to criticize the normative models of journalism, in particular, the speeches of Clarín. The front-page of December 23, 2011 makes reference to another dispute between the Clarín and the government of Cristina Kirchner.
In the 1970s several Latin American newspapers have suffered from the high price of the paper, which is why the Argentine government decided to support the construction of a factory of this important input. The plant, privately owned, was expropriated during the dictatorship in a very obscure episode.

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