The And Its Impact On Society Essay examples

The And Its Impact On Society Essay examples

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Neanderthals are the reason why white people have survived in today’s society. They have not only survived though, they became the leaders of today’s world. White people are associated with colonialism, hockey, politics, and business. They are such masterful beings, there must have been a superior gene that has been passed onto them from the Neanderthals. These individuals are leading the world into a positive direction due to leadership skills, and likability. It is important that Neanderthals interbred with Homo sapiens to allow life of the present day white population. Neanderthals were pale, strong, suave creature who seduced Homo sapiens. Traits that many white people have. Thankfully, Neanderthal blood is still alive within white people making them sexy survivalists who have the ability to dominate the world today. This will be proven by looking at their genes impacting survival, humanities preference for them as mates and leaders, and leadership qualities through politics and business.
It is important to mention that Neanderthal genes are still present in our population. All people on earth have Neanderthal genes, except a small sub-Saharan group in Africa. However, most people only have 2-4% of the DNA. White people, however, have a higher percentage, and are more Neanderthal than the rest of the population. This is due to natural and sexual selection. They were strong survivalist creatures who braved the cold thousands of years ago and are allowing us to brave the cold today. Neanderthal blood makes us stronger, and gives us better survival skills. Even though Neanderthals did die out, their blood is what keeps us alive today. White people have the largest percent of this DNA, therefore will develop more of their traits. ...

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... not want to offend white people, since first world countries have the ability to unite against them and destroy them to prevent the destruction of humanity.
Overall, Neanderthal blood is the reason for white supremacy. It is important that these genes protect our nation from threats and dark ages. The DNA makes white people powerful in today’s world. Without Neanderthal blood, our world would collapse due to the lack of leaders, first world countries, and distant communication. Humans would have died out, and the remaining hominids would have died out from lack of strength and temperature regulation. Who would be left to run businesses, inform the world of right and wrong, and educate our children? Neanderthals are the reason why white people have survived in today’s society. We must be thankful, for white people and the Neanderthal blood that is still inside them.

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