The And Denial And Its Effects On Society Essay

The And Denial And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Religiosity and Denial

Addiction and denial can consume a person’s life. As a brain

disease, this dependency affects the addict by causing addictive behavior,

addictive feelings, addictive moods, and addictive drives. This illness can

include dependencies on religion, as well as alcohol and other drugs,

gambling, and work. Denial is a major symptom of addiction. If a person

does not believe that their dependency is a problem, they are unlikely to

change negative, destructive behaviors. Even if the destruction caused by

their dependency is obvious to everyone else, it may not be obvious to the

person with the issues. As long as the dependent person denies having a

problem, they cannot consider the real culprit. This is their compulsion and

obsession, causing them to behave in certain negative ways. Knowledge

about religiosity and denial are not as common as some other addictions,

which is a reason for them to be explored.

Religiosity is when a person is preoccupied with religious-related

activities. Attending church services can become a process of addiction,

involving activities or behaviors and not substances. It overtakes everything

else in a person’s life, destroying relationships, finances, and/or feelings.

Tithing beyond their means, and spending money they cannot afford, is

spent on religious charities and/or spiritual retreats. This is the case of an

elderly woman; her life is centered only on church functions. She never

misses church services, Sunday school, Bible study, and other church

activities. Also, she refuses to participate in functions outside of church,

considering them of the world rather than of a spiritual nature. When she

talks to people she always refe...

... middle of paper ...

...ngle parent. There are also news

reports of similar incidents and about people who have committed crimes

because they believe they are guided by their higher power. Thus, excessive

to religion can cause people not to be in touch with reality.

Religious addiction and denial work together to hinder the person’s

life. These fanatics lose control of their perspective about religion, and they

deny the consequences of their behavior. They have a preoccupation with

religion, and they do whatever they can to shield their problem. Sometimes,

when they are confronted about their obsession, they think it a test from God

for them to more aggressively express their beliefs. Religious extremists

think their particular beliefs override those of other faiths. Like other

illnesses, religiosity can ultimately lead to death, if not interrupted and


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