Ancient Egypt : An Effective Leader Of Egypt Essay examples

Ancient Egypt : An Effective Leader Of Egypt Essay examples

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Tutankhamun is a well-known Pharaoh born in the Armana age, which is the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. The discovery of his intact tomb by Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon in 1922 made him a worldwide sensation. However, the details of his life were mysterious and most unknown. Howard Carter commented that, “the one outstanding feature of his life was that he died and was buried”. With in-depth research by archaeologists and Egyptologists such as Zahi Hawass, we can discover many elements surrounding the young Pharaohs life and death. Although he rose to power at 9 at died at about 18, he had accomplished many things throughout his life for Egypt. Tutankhamun reformed the main religion in Egypt back to polytheism (worshipping many Gods) instead of his father’s monotheistic beliefs. He was a keen hunter, trained the army and may have taken part in battles. However, he suffered from many illnesses prior to his death. Despite his youth, Tutankhamun was a very effective leader of Egypt.

Tutankhamun was a very effective ruler of the Egyptian empire because he reformed the religion after his father had changed it during his reign. During Akhenaton’s (Tutankhamun’s father) reign he changed the main religion of Egypt from polytheism (the worship of many God’s) to monotheism, worshipping only the sun god, Aten. He changed the capitol city to Luxor and instead moved to Armana (Akhetaten). Tutankhamun was originally named Tutankhaten after the god, Aten. However, Akhenaton’s rule, was a disaster as he neglected his subjects while focussing on the new religion and the economy was ruined. Egyptologist Zahi Hawass explains, “Egyptians always believed in the old style of religion”. He goes on to say that anyone who changed this would be deeply...

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...ility and order within the region. It also supported his reign and was something that the majority of his subjects had approved of. He trained the army into many successful battles for Egypt against their long-term enemy the Hittites. Tutankhamun also led the Egyptian army into battle on at least one occasion - at the battle of Kadesh which was reported as successful. However, he had many different illness and diseases throughout his life such as being the father to two stillborn daughters, a crumbling foot due to osteonecrosis and a deformed second toe. He was found mummified with a severe fracture above the knee and the deadliest form of malaria. He needed walking sticks to lean and stand and would have had immense pain towards the last years of his life. Overall, Tutankhamun was a very effective ruler over the Eygptian empire towards the end of the 18th dynasty.

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