Ancient And Medieval Vs. Medieval Philosophy Essay

Ancient And Medieval Vs. Medieval Philosophy Essay

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If we need to see the development or “the story”of Western philosophy, First, we need to look into the three stages of philosophy: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern. Then, we need to look into the two transitions: Ancient to Medieval and Medieval to Modern philosophy. Parker describes these transitions into greater detail. Also, Kenny, and Strauss, In this paper, I will not only be discussing the development of Western philosophy, but the historical standpoint of the how philosophy became what it is now.
The ancient Greek philosophers have played a pivotal role in the shaping of the western philosophical tradition. Before Western philosophy was developed, Ancient philosophy began in ancient Greece,The first philosophers are called "Presocratics", they are philosophers that came before Socrates. Also, Ancient philosophy began the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire and marked the ending of Hellenistic philosophy. The Ancient philosophers are Socrates and his Followers, Plato, and Aristotle. Then, Parker claims ancient philosophy’s central theme , “The central theme of this preliminary interpretation of ancient Greek is this idea in reverse: the development of species repeats the development of the individual” (5-6).
In the Ancient philosophical standpoint, it has three stages, focuses, and figures. The first stage is “whole” which is the focus on one of all encompassing object. An example, of the encompassing object is the cosmos, and the figure is cosmological philosophers. The second stage is “part” which is the one unique and rational object. An example, of an unique and rational object is a man, and figures are Plato and Socrates(sophists). The third stage is “whole of parts” which is the focus on a rational object with...

... middle of paper ... the authority of tradition, institution, and revelation with its concomitant loss of the solidarity of medieval man with the world of his past.And the competition between sensory experience and rational thought as candidates for the nature of man 's free mind”(174).Since Modern focuses on the subject and object united with the mind constrained by objective reality governed by providence.
Overall, the transition or the development between the three stages of philosophy differs by reason and faith. Ancient philosophy focused on faith and reason versus Medieval and Modern philosophy has a separation between reason and faith. The main theme of the development of “Western Philosophy” is faith and reason. In the conclusion of this paper, I already discussed the development of Western philosophy, and the historical standpoint of the how philosophy became what it is now.

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