Stolen Legacy

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Dr. James seeked that the Greek Philosophy is just stolen Egyptian Philosophy. Way before it actually reached Athens, the teachings called the Egyptian Mysteries got to other lands first. The history of the Greek philosophy was a compilation and plan executed by Aristotle at his school. Greek Philosophy as it was called and it different to the Greeks as the way they live. The period between 640-322 B.C. was the time period of Greek Philosophy and its external and internal wars was just not suitable for producing philosophers. The Egyptian theory of salvation became the purpose of Greek philosophy. Circumstances of identity between the Egyptian and Greek systems are shown. The abolition of Greek philosophy with the Egyptian Mysteries identifies them; 4. How the African Continent gave its culture to the Western World. The main idea of Stolen Legacy was to prove that the teaching and education of the ancient Egyptian was taught to particular historical figures, and it was then brought to Athens and taught there. It is said it was then handed down as Greek philosophy, ultimately stolen. The men that was credited and known in history as "great thinkers” or “great philosophers" were the ones that made it seem as if they were creating this knowledge. Socrates and Plato who was from Athens; and even Aristotle who was from Greece who was forced to leave when Socrates was sentenced to death. These people that went to Egypt and had the opportunity to study with Egyptian priests and students returned to Greece with the ideas and teachings and circulated them off as their own. When Alexander conquered Egypt and wrecked their library, the Greeks also got a hold of other ancient manuscripts and Egyptian... ... middle of paper ... ... name on the works, he had stolen or sent them to his friends.” Books he did not like or recognize, he had destroyed. According to ben-Jochannan, such "revelations" are examples of the educational dishonesty of educators who feature Aristotle’s viewpoint to Greek origins. However, when traditionalists or Egyptologists point out where James was incorrect, they are accused of Eurocentrism and even "white racism." Such charges, even if without substance, can be damaging in today's academic world. This is how this affects our educational system today, speaking that the historical proof that has been passed down to us simply does not help the belief that the Greeks "stole" their civilization or their viewpoint from Egypt. I however, have the greatest respect for ancient Egypt and its culture; the ancient Greeks earn full credit for their own accomplishments.

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