Anarchist Values in The Movie Slap Shot Essay

Anarchist Values in The Movie Slap Shot Essay

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The movie Slap Shot documented a minor league hockey team that is down on its luck. The Charlestown Chiefs are a losing Federal League hockey team whose games are poorly attended. In order to bring back fans, the team often participated in publicity stunts that were meant to fill the seats. As a means to renew local interest, the team resorted to playing gritty, hard-nosed hockey. This type of violence was meant to appeal to the working class of the city-Charlestown was a declining factory town and the fate of the hockey franchise was dependent upon the fate of the industry in the city. Eventually, their coach plays the Hanson’s and quickly discovers that their aggressive fighting style excited the fans (i.e. Broad Street Bullies.) Thus, he began to reshape the team in the Hansons' image, which saw attendance quickly increase. Capitalizing on this growing interest, he plants a false story with e that a Florida retirement community was interested in purchasing the team in order to bolster the confidence of the players and to sell the team. Playing in their last game, the Syracuse Bulldogs forfeit, thus giving the Federal League championship to the Chiefs. The team celebrates by parading around the ice with the championship trophy.
Slap Shot embodies the anarchist values of the rugged 1970‘s and the rampant counterculture of a generation whose values and norms of behavior differed substantially from those of mainstream society. As a historical document, this film provides a valuable insight into a rebellious era. Much of the youth during this time-and anyone else, in fact-had plenty to groan about regarding the decade's struggle. Using hockey as a tool for rebellion, it illustrated, both in a socio-political standpoint, but and in...

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... life today- washed up players, poor management threatening to relocate a struggling franchise, life on the road, scores of crazed fans (i.e. the “Puck Bunnies”), and the challenges away from the rink.
Slap Shot effectively documented the struggle that all minor league hockey players possessed during a tough time in hockey history. Furthermore, Slap Shot reinforced my perception that sports is a positive experience. Slap Shot is relatable as it documented the love for the game we all possess. Even though the Chiefs were not a great team, many of the players still played simply for their love of the game. While I’m sure they all had aspirations to be successful, playing the game they love with their friends was the most rewarding experience ever. Ultimately, Slap Shot documented the underdog that overcame adversity by changing strategies and personnel.

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