Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night The Moon ' By Jane Harrison

Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night The Moon ' By Jane Harrison

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The concept of discovery is a manifold notion. It comprises exploring something for the first time or it could be rediscovering something has been faded or lost, forgotten or concealed. People may experience different types of discovery which could be sudden and unexpected. However it may affect them physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. This response will focus on the idea discovery that relates to the themes of aboriginal connections to their family, place and culture and also the discrimination upon them. This well demonstrated thought the texts “Rainbow’s End” by Jane Harrison, the two poems “Son of Mine” and “We are going” by Oodgeroo Noonuccal as well as my chosen related text, the film “One night the moon” by Rachel Perkins. Each text presents a variety of discovery aspects that allows a deep understanding of the concept of discovery.

Harrison’s Play ‘Rainbow’s End’ follows three brave Aboriginal women from different generations who fight for their right to be appreciated as the owners of the land and how each of them experience different aspects of discovery. The aim of this text is to show the brave women who fought in their life to stay and keep their families together.
Throughout the play the audience find out more about the concept of discovery and how it relates to the theme of the Aboriginal people being connected to their family, culture and place. In act one scene thirteen discovery has been exposed through the dialogue that occurs between Errol and Dolly when Errol says “let’s get married and live life that would be better than the river” then Dolly refuses to go with Errol and she tells him that she loves her place and family and she will never leave them. This was unexpected discovery for u...

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...s from the issues that she and her culture faced, on the other hand ‘We are going’ releases the discrimination that white society had toward the Aboriginal people by disrespected their sanctify place, while the ‘One night the moon’ conformed the racism towards the Black society.
To conclude, life is filled with different aspects of discovery that could present new challenges which contribute to our understanding of the world around us. These aspects were deeply explored in the text ‘Rainbows End’, the two poems by Kath Walker and the film ‘One night the moon’. They showed that discovery could have an impact on people as they perceive it differently depending on their culture and their beliefs. This was well conveyed through the variety use of language techniques and film techniques which helped the audience gain a better understanding of the concept of discovery.

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