Analysis Of The Poem ' So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs ' Essay

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Many native Americans get skeptical when they asked, how it feels to be an American since they have already experienced different places. However, if an Americans faces this question, he/ she will say, I feel patriotism, pride, and responsibility. Sarah Song used imagery and tone of personification in her “what does it mean to be an American” talked about how all the citizens of America should know the constitution and how to share ideas together to know what it means to be an American. On the other hand, Stud Terkel used a theme about Racism to represent the resulting on such issues of exploring thoughts, prejudices, hopes and fears of African American issues in his “Race: How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel about the American Obsession” book. Both authors talked about native Americans and how they are different from Americans in addition they talked about each other’s struggles. Another poem “So Mexicans are Taking Jobs” by Jimmy Santiago Baca used many literally devises such as figurative language, imagery and a sarcastic way about how Americans should not worry about Hispanics talking away their jobs instead worry about their children. Authors used different literary devises to demonstrate the struggle of Native Americans in their works.
Being an American can be in many different ways. Most likely the language, personality, way of living, etc is so much different than it actually is for native Americans. Song used imagery to explain differences between naturalized and native Americans. Song explains how to greet with immigrants in such a friendly way by using imagery. “I share a national culture with someone, even if we never meet, if each of us has been initiated into the traditions of a national culture” (song...

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...nding things Americans do to them. Authors used many literary devices in their works to demonstrate and give strong understanding to the conflict between Americans born elsewhere and those born America. Authors talked about how non Americans who are born in difference country than America have to face many struggle and get offended as for racism. Authors have done good work to demonstrate the differences between Native Americans and Americans.

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