Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Howl '

Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Howl '

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Suffering of his Journey- Ginsberg Howl
Allen Ginsberg, a profound poet, is famous as the writer of the collection of poems in the book Howl. Academic scholars have noted the poem Howl is documentation as a man’s journey through a wasteland of isolation. To note, the title Howl is a metaphor representation of the cries or the struggle he implemented in this poem. In the poems, he uses poetic writing, his greatest asset, to put emphasis on his struggle in his life, the unfortunate events of his generations, and the pain he has encounter during his time at the psych ward.
Ginsberg is a Caucasian male born in the mid-1900s and raised in New Jersey. An American poet and born into the Beat generation, he been fixated in writing poems since his early life. The movie, Howl, the video representation of Ginsberg life mentioned that Ginsberg inspiration of writing poems comes from his father. In his life, he was conflicted with his homosexuality and for the reason of being a homosexual; it was enough reason to be put into a psych ward and to receive treatment for the rehabilitation and transformation from a homosexual to a heterosexual. For Ginsberg himself, he personally has to lie of his sexuality just so he can leave the ward and have a “normal” life outside the ward. Howl is separated in three sections and each section tells a different conflict and theme. In part 3, Ginsberg written it for a friend named Carl Solomon who was with him during the time at the psych ward.
To follow Ginsberg journey through his mind, understanding the visual documentary and his work will gives a clear understanding of the struggle that he has been through. The leading actor of the film, James Franco, played the part as Ginsberg and tells a narrative acco...

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...nt through”. Further onto the poem, the last line emphasis the companionship of Solomon and Ginsberg by, “I’m with you in Rockland in my dreams you walk dripping from a sea-journey on the highway across America in tears to the door of my cottage in the Western night” (line 19, 26). This is descriptive of a foretelling of an unbreakable friendship bond between Solomon and Ginsberg. The cottage in the western night is an analysis of where Ginsberg was living, when at the time he supposedly living at San Francisco, the West Coast of United States.
Ginsberg wrote his tales in the book, Howl, which gives a descriptive detail with metaphors to emphasis how his world was like in his eyes. In Parts 1, 2 , and 3, he gives specific points that gives references of suffering, solitude, and the inability to control one’s action. He successfully had done so through the book Howl.

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