Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' The Doll '

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' The Doll '

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The Doll In My Closet
Have you ever seen a movie that left a lasting impression on your life? From the moment I saw the movie Chucky my life changed forever. At the time, I was nearly nine but after watching the movie I was instantly terrified of dolls. Dolls are one of the scariest toys a kid could have and when you watch a movie like Chucky you can see why this would be true. I learned that night that it’s better to ask what a movie is about before you agree to watch it.
I remember being woken up by my dad who was calling my name and telling me he had to take my mother to the hospital. He also made sure to tell me that my aunt had come to watch my brothers and I until they got back from the hospital. I left the warmth of my bed to go out into the hallway stepping on the cold wooden floor with my bare feet. From the dark unlit hallway I could see the flickering glow of the TV. Out of curiosity I immediately went to go see what my aunt was watching. When I got into the living room I saw her flipping through the channels until she suddenly came to a stop. A smile came across my aunt’...

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