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The panic. The anxiety. The feeling that my heart had skipped a couple beats and I didn’t know what to do. I don’t remember the last time I felt so nervous or anxious about anything, but this experience surely would have won “Most Embarrassing” by a landslide. This is how I felt almost every single time I did something that could be considered even slightly awkward or embarrassing. As someone who worries about everything about twenty-four hours each day (hyperbole), it’s actually not a surprise to me that something so simple could have slipped my mind and caused a chain of events to occur just like dominoes (simile). I have been on this earth for a good seventeen and a half years, and it’s quite unbelievable to think that I was so sheltered by my family that I had never pumped gas until just recently. To be fair, I only got my license over a month ago, which was an entire year late, also thanks to my strict, worried parents. As unbelievable as it was to everyone, it was true. And I was going to have to figure out how to pump gas without the anxiety of thinking I could somehow drive off while forgetting to pay, or driving into the gas pump, or messing something up somehow that every normal person can do with ease. One night at around 11 PM after closing my shift as a server where I…show more content…
Worried about what others would think about me, which is how I almost always feel, I attempted to hide the fact that I yet again had done something stupid. News of my embarrassing situations traveled fast at work (personification), but I learned to move on from it quickly. The panic and anxiety of daily life activities caused me more stress than it should have, which most people didn’t understand. Over time, I have come to realize that the simple mistakes I have made are not really that awful, but the stress always outweighs everything else in my

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