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Final Draft: Life Experience Narrative Essay Life experiences shape an individual into the person they are today. It concede a person to grow. Make a more thoughtful and wise decision in order to not repeat the same mistakes they have made in the past. Being in love was a life lesson experience I had learned from. Love happens so unexpectedly that when it does arrive our emotions become unsteady. Happiness, sadness, hurt, and pain are the emotions that derive from love. One 's emotions are expressed as intense, so they would call it; especially when it is first time their time falling in love. Being in love with my guy best friend was the most beautiful and painful experience I have withstood. In the beginning, my best friend and I were so …show more content…

A few months after that, he ended things with me. He found someone else while still talking to me. It hurt a lot. It still does hurt. The things we did with each other would be what any normal couple would do, but we never made it official between us. That was what agonized me the most, the we were not in a relationship. Yet, we shared and did intimate acts with one another. In order for me to cope with the pain, I tried to do everything to distract myself. I applied for a credit card that had seven hundred dollars. I spent all my money on a phone, clothes, and I left my card with forty-five dollars in it. Also, I got drunk - I drank Jack Daniels, Whiskey, or Vodka to forget I was in this detriment state - It did not help. The fact that this was my first time falling in love, I learned that love hurts. Also, I learned that when a person loves another, that person has the power to hurt them. Lastly, I learned that I refuse to fall in love again because I will not be hurt again. Despite love being the most beautiful emotion in the world, falling in love with my best friend was a painful experience I would not want to go through again. This life experience has taught me a lot. My second love has taught me how it felt like to love and to be

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