Analysis Of The Movie ' District 9 ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' District 9 ' Essay

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What is the metaphor of “District 9”
The movie “District 9” was filmed in South Africa. In 1981, a spaceship unexpected accident to be a kay element to change the earth and mankind’s fate of further. Subsequently, bizarre aliens came to Earth, the Earth has been officially proclaimed as a universe of life itself unique day completely finished. Human have no idea aliens came to earth with what kind of purpose, human has a negative attitude for the arrived of aliens, and let them feel deeply fear. After deliberation, governments decided in the slums of South Africa to accommodate these aliens, which is later known as the "District Ninth" the alien residential area.
28 years later, there are aliens continues visit Earth from time to time, but they were all taken to the District Ninth. Wikus van de Merwe (Sharlto Copley) is a District Ninth administrative staff, he is working for MNU (Multi-National United) and dealing with different aliens everyday, he is convinced that his great sense of responsibility to ensure safety and aliens have been stay in the district ninth is his greatest mission. Just once to arrest aliens detained in the 9th District mission, Wikus infected by aliens, and the alien virus infection in unexpected changes Wikus ' body took place, he gradually turned into a giant beetle just same as the aliens look like. In the eyes of other human, he is no longer human beings but an alien, he has been abandon by his family, friends and colleagues, they are attitude start change to treat Wikus as an alien. Also facing the fate that be thrown into the district ninth or even worse. During this time, Wikus was found the thing that he has been doing is not so fair and noble; and he is not only h...

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...uld be less racist and the story would have been more complex, thus magnifying the internal struggles of the black people. It would have a much profound influence on how viewers recognize the struggles of the black people. Conclusively, the “District 9” movie is largely a story about the social segregation in South Africa. It largely depicts how whites were obsessed about controlling blacks and how they feared their rise and power. If the movie is seen as human reality of refraction, it seems pessimism. However, there is not much difference between the movies show scenes and reality in slum. Just put humans into aliens only. The humanity Wikus’smile as the end of film scene, Neill Blomkamp wants to told us that alien is our own, how we treat other races, is how we treat ourselves.

Telotte, J.P Science Fiction Film. New York: Cambridge UP, 2001

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