Analysis Of The Book ' Sherlock Holmes ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Sherlock Holmes ' Essay

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Eric Farnand
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Professor Maria Ionita
November 27, 2015

Sherlock Holmes, one of the most famous fictional characters in literary history is a detective capable of solving the most complex mysteries. The author behind the character, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a very successful British writer. The majority of his literary success is due to his crime-fiction tales such as the Sherlock Holmes series. However, Mr. Doyle and Mr. Holmes himself must not take all the credit because there is another character that plays a major role in the stories success. He goes by the name of Dr. Watson, Holmes’ sidekick. The importance of Dr. Watson is evident in many of Doyle’s stories such as A Scandal in Bohemia and A Study in Scarlett.

First off, in A Scandal in Bohemia, the reader learns of Dr. Watson’s marriage, which Doyle points out “My marriage had drifted us away from each other.” Because the story is written in Watson’s point of view, the ladder admits at the displacement between himself and Holmes. His marriage life had taken priority. However, he decides to pay visit to his former companion at his Baker Street office. It is evident that the two characters work well together and their separation will only be temporary. When Watson arrives, the two acknowledge each other without saying a word because of their familiarity with each other.
Watson is also used to make Holmes seem more intelligent, to give an ego to the detective. Watson is an indirect way to give Holmes more credit and acknowledgement. The most evident technique used by Doyle is to write the stories through Watson’s point of view. Watson’s admiration for Holmes’s techniques and analogies make the detective seem more important and smarter. ...

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...oken because of the need for both characters in the stories.
Much of the success of the Sherlock Holmes series is due to Dr. Watson. He is a perfect character to act as a narrator for the stories. It is evident that they both work well together and are forever best pals.

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