The Role of Sherlock Holmes in The Speckled Band

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Examine the role of Sherlock Holmes as a Detective in the Story Of The Speckled Band The creator of the very legendry stories of Sherlock Holmes was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sir Arthur. As a child he was sent to a harsh, strict and then applied to study medicine. After qualifying, he travelled as a ships doctor, however he had very little success. Without his career, Conan Doyle had much spare time and decided to write stories as a pass time. These stories he wrote were detective stories with Sherlock Holmes as the main character. Sherlock Holmes had many different skills and abilities. Some of the characteristics he had reflected on the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This pass time, which became partially of a career for him, bought him fame and money. His books were very entertaining, as they were written and set in the Victorian era and in those days there were not many leisure and entertainment facilities. Although Arthur had public success, his personal life away from fame bought him sadness and unhappiness. His first wife had past away due to a lingering illness. Yet after grieving, he remarried. One highlight of his life was that he was knighted for his defence of British involvement. Conan Doyle was popular and loved and he continued to write Sherlock Holmes stories until the late 1920’s, but he became increasingly isolated and sadly, he past away in 1930 after a long illness. Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were both remembered and respected, Holmes for his presence in the world of detectives and Conan Doyle for creating the fictional character. ====================================================================== Holmes and Watson had a very reliable, dependable, loyal relationship. They both had a personal relationship as friends and a business relationship as colleagues. Together they solved the mysteries bought to them by clients, and to that they stayed devoted. Their devotion to each other was very dear and they showed that devotion in what they did and what they were going to do. In the story of ‘The Speckled Band’ Holmes described Watson as an “intimate friend and associate!” The intimacy between them enhanced how they went about solving crime. They were very close friends and colleagues, and their relationship grew stronger as they became older friends. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson gained knowledge from each other and from the work they produced. Both characters are remembered today for their mystery solving and trustworthy partnership. The skills Sherlock Holmes bought into the world of detectives in those days are still most certainly needed nowadays to be a good detective. The many different skills he had consisted of listening,
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