An Informative Essay: The Life Of Sherlock Holmes

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When I first heard the name Sherlock Holmes I honestly thought of a weird plain identity, simply boring. Boy, was I wrong about that. But seriously when you actually hear a name like that wouldn’t that be your first guess especially when you see the cover of some weird British looking guy in the front cover. It’s not until you actually start watching it where you realize it’s pretty freaking awesome. Well at least it was for me (LOL). Sherlock Holmes is probably the most well-known and loved fictional detective in literature. Sherlock Holmes is a London based “consulting detective’ whose abilities border on the fantastic. Sherlock Holmes is known for his astute logical reasoning. His abilities can adopt to any disguise, and his use of forensic science to solve difficult cases. He lives at 221b Baker Street in London. He notices things that others simply don't and then he draws accurate conclusions about what he sees. He experiences strong mood swings. He also plays the violin. But most of all, he is a master of deductive reasoning. Sherlock Holmes solves every mystery that the police can’t solve, so that’s when they call him to solve the scene. It doesn’t take Sherlock…show more content…
So of course Sherlock had more of a challenge with her. He didn’t want to take the case at first because he didn’t think anything of it at first and figured it was going to be really easy for him, but he was wrong when he came to her, she was already expecting him in the living room in her house. For the first time he was blank and couldn’t read her like he can normally can read anyone. Quickly he looks at Watson to read him just by what he is wearing and turns back at her, yet everything is still blank but that’s because she is not wearing anything on her. So it seems he can’t read her for that reason like normally he can read people by just what they’re
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