Analysis Of The Book ' Night And Works ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Night And Works ' Essay

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Elie Wiesel asserts that the world community has a responsibility to interfere then acts such as genocide occurs. He asserts that “silence encourages the tormentor” and “indifference, the most insidious danger of all”. This is supported by his book “Night and works by other authors, such as Refugee Blues aby W. H. Auden and A Secret Life by Thomas Harding. They all mentioned how injustice affects the victim, The price of speaking out or acting against injustice, and the price of silence and inaction in the face of injustice.
In the book by Elie Wiesel, the young Elie Wiesel describes his life in the concentration camps. The injustice he faces was anti semitism, on the extreme side. Many of the sighet jews who “not only refused to believe his tales, they refused to listen. Some even insinuated that he only wanted their pity,that he was imagining things. Other flatly said that he had gone crazy.”(pg 7) He being Moshe the Beadle and those who ignored his warning about the germans, were killed by the said germans. This shows how silence encourages the tormentor, Hitler, as the tormentor did not decline in progress, but merely perpetuated in progress since no one stopped him from doing so, not even those who had heard the warning. The price of silence was also paid by the people who were indifferent and quiet about the injustice, A majority of them died. However those who speak out against the injustice were also killed. Such as the hangings of the pipel who was under the service of the Oberkapo of the 52nd cable Kommando. He was hanged for taking part in preparing for a rebellion, “But his young pipel remained behind, in solitary confinement. He too was tortured, but he too remained silent. The SS then condemned him to death, him...

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...eir feet.”. Imagine having everything a kid will ever want, then having it taken away from you. They also learned to be ashamed of their past, as “None of the siblings talks about their childhood…”.
Elie Wiesel asserts that “silence encourages the tormentor” and “indifference, the most insidious danger of all.” From these three texts, a reader can agree that the silence encourages the tormentor and indifference is the most insidious danger of all as those who stay silent in a time of need, or stay passive, and indifferent, will be create an effect that harms other. Such as people staying silent in Refugee blues and A secret life, harmed the refugees and the Hoss family. Those who stay silent also encourages the tormentor since there is no boundaries for the tormentor’s growth of power, and no one is going to stop them from tormenting because”it 's not my problem.”

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