Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' On Being An Atheist '

Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' On Being An Atheist '

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H.J. McCloskey published the article called “On Being an Atheist” in February of 1968. In this article he talks about why atheists believe that there is no God and why the existence of God fails to be the truth. This article responds to the arguments that McCloskey and how the argument he has made has had no case to help with the existence of God.
He will also explain why he believes why theism is better than theists. To show how it is a bit more reasonable he uses a “proof” instead of using a “theory” to help explain his argument. McCloskey has concepts that may be true but they are not able to be proven because there is nothing that can be proven hundred percent and that makes it hard to be proven. McCloskey does state that “moat theist do not come to believe in God as a basis for religious believe, but come to religion as a result of other reasons and factors,” (McCloskey, 62). He believes that all the arguments that he makes, do not make a case that ca prove the existence of the one true God.
The proofs that McCloskey argued against were used to establish that there is no case for the existence for God. The three theistic proofs were the cosmological argument, theological argument, and the argument that is from the design. The case that he puts these three together is that of what he presents them as. The first claim which is the Cosmological case make the claim for there is an existence for God, the second case Theological is the case is an intelligent case, and then the Moral case talks about what is morally perfect. With these three together we can call them the Cumulative case, which talks about the argument of personal, moral, and the intelligent creator of the universe that we live in. All three of these argu...

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... helps people understand that the life here on earth is only a small part of the life that we are meant to live. McCloskey also talks about if there were a God and if God was ready to take the child then it is God’s will and no one should fight it. This is where McCloskey is claiming defeat.
From what I have read I have believe that there really is a God and that is why everyone on this earth is and here and that we are all meant to be here for a certain reason. McCloskey makes very good arguments to try and prove the existence of God and they are very strong when they are all together but not when they are separate. Everyone though is entitled to believe and think whatever they want. As for myself I believe that there is such thing as a God and I believe that is what made this assignment a little hard for me because I do believe that there such thing as a God.

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