Analysis of Statement Life is Not Fair

Analysis of Statement Life is Not Fair

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Life is not fair-Get used to it (Bill Gate)
Life is not fair. We have all heard that from someone at some point in our lives. Life is not fair because there is no certainty of what is going to happen in the future. Life awards and punishes people hazardously. Life is like a picture drawn by an unknown painter and one is just a tiny part of it. Pictures can always deceive a person about what their real meaning is. Lie, appearances, contradictions, colors, conformity and people are just decoration in the overall interpretation of the picture. Life is not fair because it does not approach reality in a non painful way. If one believes the contrary then one may be living in a bubble world or one is the luckiest person on earth. If you are one of those who said this sentence at least once in his or her life, then welcome to the real world.
Justice as an abstract notion has been defined as the proper allocation of good attributes such as wealth, power, reward, and respect between different people. In addition to possessing these attributes, the proper punishment must be executed according to what one has done. As Mark Twain mentions people are taught by the dogmas of religion and that there is a God who gives everyone what they deserve. Religions try to proclaim that everything one does is going to be awarded or punished with equity. But all have seen that in real life something like that rarely happens, even though bad boys in Sunday school’s tales always end up having terrible punishments. In Twain’s version, however, Jim in the Story of the Little Bad Boy had a charming life. “He stole his father’s gun…and did not shoot three or four fingers off, he struck his little sister on the temple…he came home drunk…”( 22-23) and nothing bad happened to him. According to the beliefs, religions try to assure children that Jim should have been drowned or died in a horrible way but instead, “he married, got wealthy will all manner of cheating and rascality… and is universally respected” (23). On the contrary, the good little boy, who “always obeyed his parents, no matter how absurd and unreasonable their demands were; learned his book and went to Sabatth school” (48) did not prosper. Once he tried to follow the example of the good little boys, he found himself with various problems.

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For example, “when some bad boys pushed a blind man over in the mud, Jacob ran to help him up and receive his blessing instead he whacked him over the head with his stick…” (50). He took a dog to feed him and tore up all his clothes; he went to warn the boys that were sailing on Sunday and ended up drowning on his own. Clearly, life is not as pictured in books, even though they can create illusion of how an ideal world may be.
Educating children to embrace good morals like honesty, respect, and loyalty is an issue that has been intensified in the reading of religious books. Even though children should be taught what is wrong and right, pushing them to extremes, according to the context of religious book, will lead to future disappointments. As one grows up, one realizes not everything is as fair as in books. Tales, taught in Sunday’s school, are merely fictional recreations of what one think how the ideal world should work. Presenting fictional recreations to children will only give them more chances to be disappointed and take the easy way to succeed in life. Even though, the purpose of these books, is building strong beliefs they fail in giving rational reason about why people should follow their guidance. Therefore, rather than building strong beliefs to create a stable individual, religions are inducing extremities that can not be met without omiting some essential part of life.
People can easily be deceived by the appearance of the world. Qualities in individuals always change according to the circumstances. As much as one can allude about the personality traits of other individuals, nothing can be absolutely confirmed because people tend to be flexible. Loyalty, honesty, generosity and carefulness are qualities that, if found in an individual, are expected to appear in others as well. In a fair world, if one is kind or honest to a person, it would be rational to be paid with the same kindness and honesty. However, circumstances may modify and effect how people react. Until pursuing good morals can bring positive outcomes, an individual is going to remain in this road because it is more beneficial. However, if one’s needs change and honesty clashes with his or her other needs, behaviours may alter and circumstances are interpreted differently. For example, in “The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg,” the village was well known for its honesty in the region round about. “It had kept that reputation unsmirched during three generations, and was prouder of it than any other of its possession” (206). Children were taught since they were in the cradle to avoid temptation and devote themselves to honesty. “…Neighbours affected to sneer at Hadleyburg’s pride in it and call it vanity; but they were obliged to acknowledge that Hadleyburg was in reality an incorruptible town…” (206). As soon as a stranger tested its honesty with the sack of gold, every one of the citizens forgot what honesty was. Their lives were completely turned upside down and everyone dealt with the issue of preserving their good name or taking the money to resolve their problems. Their need for power and gold surpassed their desire to preserve honesty; therefore people, for their own sake, can easily change their qualities. In this case, it is unfair to realize people are always changing their personality. Everything is like a stream so if it finds a rock in its way, it will likely deviate to ease its flow. Having this in mind, life becomes unpredictable because one never knows what will happen next and, moreover, one will never know how people will react to the new circumstances.
Sometimes people are egotistical and will do everything to satisfy their basic needs. People will cheat, lie and deceive in order to get what they want. According to Mark Twain, “all the civilized children that were ever born into the world were liars” (256). Life is not fair when allows people to decieve others by presenting an untrue reality. It is normal for people to lie while attempting to formulate a rational excuse. For example, slavery had no justifiable explanation. Therefore, people and scientists try to justify their cause by presenting false proofs and facts to give a religious, political and economical reason why the world was intended to have an order in which white people were superior to everyone else. Even when the emancipation agitation began a “universal stillness reigned…-the calmy stillness created and maintained by the lie of silent assertion-the silent assertion that there wasn’t anything going on in which humane and intelligent people were interested” (257). This lie about race superiority made the life of black people comparable to an object that one can posses and utilize in the best way one can profit from. People always tried to hide from confronting reality by telling lies. To make themselves feel better, people use the so called positive lies because sometimes it is better than telling the harsh truth.
Since childhood, people have been taught that they are each unique individuals. However, it is questionable whether one is a unique or if people like to believe so because, if not, then everyone will be alike. This may shock our view of individuals as separate etenties within society. Life is a journey in which people try to define themselves as an individual within the framworks of society. Fairness of deciding on how to shape beliefs and values is rarely found if one wants to be accepted by society. “It is our nature to conform” (283). As much as one believes to be different at the end he is more alike with the other because “self approval is acquired mainly from the approval of other people” (285). Personalities are created as a clash of influences but people mainly “get [their] notions and habits and opinions from outside influences; [they] do not have to study them out” (284). Life does not let a person decide but it marks a way where he or she has to follow without being conscious of the tendency toward conformity. “We are creatures of outside influences; as a rule we do not think, we only imitate, We cannot invent standards that will stick; what we mistake for standards are only fashionable and perishable” (284). Even if a person tries to be individualistic, other people will follow the trends. For example; in fashion, hippies thought they were all individual, but by all seeking their individualities and by imitating a form of rebellion; they ended up being the same.
Life is not fair because it does not give people the chances to govern its flow. Individuals live within a society as social beings; they need other people’s approval to define their personalities. Societies have rules that one has to conform to despite the fact that even if all people conform to one another; the world will fall into monotony. Therefore, there is always a need for revolution. Individuals innovate, but innovation is a notion that does not stay for too long, because people tend to embrace it and new things should be introduced. People are strange and unpredictable; they lie, cheat, love, and hate. However if there was no hate one will not appraise love, if there was no sadness one could not recognize happiness. Appearance can define instantly what one is all about, but changes will always take place. Life is not fair; therefore by acknowledging this fact, one can avoid extremes that may cause disillusionment and misinterpretations. Life is not fair and if one question itself why something happened to him or her, just remember it happened to you because life is not fair.
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