Youth Offenders in The United States

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Youth offenders in the United States who commit an adult crime should they be tried as an adult or sent off to rehab?
According to (Juvenile Offender) young people today are more malleable and can be easily influenced. It is mainly believed that the criminal actions by young offenders might be influenced by such external forces such as parental neglect, and inappropriate living conditions or with relations within their family. It is important to note that instead of seeing a rehab program as a form of punishment. Young people who are undergoing such a program should understand they are voluntary and should consider the program as a positive opportunity to change their lives for the better.
Federal standards define any young offender under the age of eighteen who commits a crime is define as a juvenile delinquent. And the important differences between adults and young people, that a one-size fits all method is not desirable and will not make the situation better. Our justice system also accomplishes an important symbolic function by establishing principles of behavior. It formally defines the right and wrong for citizens and frees them from the responsibility of taking vengeance, thus avoiding the escalation of feuds within communities. The system protects the rights of free citizens by honoring the belief that individual freedom should not be denied without good cause.
We can see that justice is achieved when the punishment for the offender is equal to the crime he/she has committed. Therefore, a social balance is re-established and maintained within society. But, for young offenders these rules are to some extent thrown out the window.
While the main purpose for the adult criminal justice system is to punish the criminal accor...

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