Analysis Of Sandy Hook Shooting Conspiracies Essay

Analysis Of Sandy Hook Shooting Conspiracies Essay

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Sandy Hook Shooting Conspiracies
The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary was a tragic event, with twenty six dead and only questions remaining, it’s hard not to sympathize with the families of those lost. There is a movement, however, that claims the shooting was false (Spaeth). The shooting is believed to have been staged in order to pave the way for stricter gun control (Salazar). Conspiracy theorists, calling themselves Truthers, have presented evidence to support their claims numerous times in attempts to convince the general population.
Truthers point out the FBI Crime Report in particular where the report presents the number of murders in Newtown, Connecticut was zero for 2012 (Salazar). They defend this further by presenting the same report for the town of Aurora, Colorado, the location of the shooting at the premier of The Dark Knight Rises, which resulted in twenty nine fatalities as is noted in the report (Salazar). They ask why the FBI would say there were no murders in the Newtown shooting and clearly show the fatality’s in the Aurora shooting (Salazar).
The conspiracy also involves Emilie Parker, one of the victims. The claim is that she, post mortem, appeared in pictures with President Obama during his visit to Newtown (Ross). She is seen in Figure A with her family. Figure B shows
her clearly alive, in the same dress as she is wearing in Figure B, with the President. They claim this is concrete evidence of her being alive and well (Rosso).
There was quite a little confusion about the number of shots and the number of people actually involved, with many persons of interest being let loose. Early in the case it was reported that there was a possibility of multiple shooters (Stuart). One of the persons of interest is ...

... middle of paper ... broadcast and officers often accidently talk over one another.
News agencies originally reported that Adam Lanza used pistols for the killings. This was misinformation that was not communicated properly. Therefore the news agencies falsely reported the weapons used. Ironically, the New York Times misinterpreted the original public briefing and reported correctly that the killings were done with the rifle (Mikkelson) (Stuart).
The SSA misreporting of Lanzas death may not have been their fault at all. The SSA relies completely on the reports sent to them. The person who filled out the reports, or anyone who may have seen them afterwards could have made the mistake and the SSA produces its information based on the false report (Stuart).
The Truthers have been beaten back by the evidence of the opposing forces, but they remain bent on proving the shooting as a fake. 

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