Analysis Of Paulo Freire 's `` Banking System `` Essays

Analysis Of Paulo Freire 's `` Banking System `` Essays

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In the American society during the 1960s, many people struggled to find true identity. Generally, when a greater force controls people, it becomes more difficult for them to think independently. A testimony to this generalization is Paulo Freire’s “banking system” in which educators facilitate student’s intellectual conformity and condemn individualism and freedom to express themselves. Freire disapproves of the banking concept and wants to change this system to eventually stop the corruption it has brought to society. Similarly, Carl Davidson’s manifesto, “Student Power: A Radical View” urges students to form a revolution against the education system and government, while William Deresiewsicz’s contemporary article “ Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League: The nation’s top colleges are turning our kids into zombies,” has a goal to change its audience’s perspective about prestigious, post-secondary schools because most distinguished universities and colleges focus more on building a career rather than personality. By reading “Student Power: A Radical View” and “Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League: The nation’s top colleges are turning our kids into zombies” with an understanding of Freire’s “banking concept,” we see that although the educators are not the main oppressors, they contribute to the oppressors by limiting the right for people to be able to express themselves in a classroom setting, which is ultimately inhibiting individualism among the students in school while creating an intellectually conformed society.
In Paulo Freire’s manifesto titled “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education,” he defines the “banking concept” as the form of education where educators “deposit” facts into the minds of students, and in return, the stud...

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...and expression because these issues are not only important for society, but it is also important to a person. These values create diversity in the world. They form an innovative America, and support the numerous nicknames of the United States such as “The Melting Pot,” “The Land of Opportunity,” and “The New World.” These names entitle USA to be known as a place that welcomes change, expression, and individuality. Without individualism and expression people cannot create their own identities, and without an identity the world would be full of conformity. Essentially, this conformity will continue to perpetuate, and ultimately, most people will have the same knowledge and they will forget to question their beliefs and authority, which epitomizes an intellectually conformed society, a society that Davidson, Deresiewicz, and Freire believe would be the end to humanity.

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