Analysis Of Mikael Niemi 's Popular Music From Vittula Essay

Analysis Of Mikael Niemi 's Popular Music From Vittula Essay

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Mikael Niemi uses his personal novel, Popular Music from Vittula to inform readers not only on what everyday life was like growing up in Pajala, Sweden, but also how the Second World War and ideas of communism affected his small hometown. Throughout the novel, he goes in order of maturation stages, starting the book in the beginning of the sixties as a young boy, and ending the book as a teenager in the middle to late seventies. He uses his personal experiences to create a sense of imagery, making the book very relatable to adolescents and young adults that have a love for life and nature. He also focuses greatly on key elements that played major roles throughout his childhood such as friendship, manhood, religion, adventure, and the value of life itself.
Niemi attempts to describe in great detail the aftermath of communism and World War Two throughout his novel. It can be assumed that a major theme in the novel is that war effects everyone, including the places most people tend to overlook on a map. Niemi excels at providing all different viewpoints on communism, including the opinions of communists and anticommunists that he encounters throughout his young life. It is apparent that communism is easily spread by the way this tends to be a major subject Niemi shows through conversational dialect. However, he does not give much of an argument on whether he feels communism is right or wrong. He is convincing enough through his details and facts rather than emotional and psychological appeals to allow the reader to draw conclusions of their own interpretations, which is something that he definitely excels at.
Years after World War Two, Sweden and Finland still seemed to be devastated by the aftermath. He refers to the land during ...

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...lains. The novel is written more on a personal level rather than a factual one, but is still just as exceptional because he gets all his points across and is convincing towards his audience. Also, People who would like to learn about this part of the world would find this novel very useful, due to the fact it explains a lot about the Finish and Swedish culture. Niemi does a great job at describing Tornedalen Finnish, which is his native language, Laustadianism, which seems to be a major religion in Palaja, the violence of men and analysis of their actions, and also the effects of World War Two and communism throughout Europe. This would be a great novel for studying culture, but since it does not go into too much depth about World War Two and it is based nearly thirty years after, it would not be useful for a historian trying to study minor events in the war itself.

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