Reflection On The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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REFLECTION ON A BOOK “THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X” By Alex Haley INTRODUCTION This paper is written to give my personal reflection on a book entitled The Autobiography of Malcolm X. It is one of the assignments for EDC3360 Course, Social Work for Community Service. We were asked to read this book because the content of this book has relation with the course we are taken for the current semester. PERSONAL REFLECTION This is my personal reflection about this book. First and foremost, I would like to say that this book is very thick and long to read. There are about nineteen chapters and 278 pages altogether. As a slow reader, it is a quite hard for me to finish reading it within time. It took me weeks to finish reading it as a whole. Furthermore, it is written in English version. My English is just in average so sometimes I need to refer to dictionary for certain words. Sometimes I use google translate and ask my friends to explain the meaning of certain terms. At first I could not find this book in book shops. I have tried to find it in a few bookstores but they said it was sold out meanwhile some other places said that they do not have any copy of this book. I need to travel to find it. I did ask my friends to buy one for me if they did find any. What happened is that there was only one copy left, so she need to buy it for herself. Another one is that she forgot to buy for me. It is okay. A famous proverb says “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Then I took another alternative where I used the internet service and find it online. I kept searching until I found one which is in PDF form. I download and print it. I cut it to make it looks like a book and bind it at shop. At last, I have a copy of... ... middle of paper ... ...m and he had been reassessing his old belief. CONCLUSION In conclusion, I would like to say that this book is worthwhile reading although it is a quite thick and might take longer time to finish reading it. I might not good in reviewing a book or giving criticism for something. Reading this autobiography can benefit people in many fields. Different people will see things differently. So does when reading this book, certain people might take the lessons differently and it might benefit differently. For example, as a sociological study, it could provide fascinating insights into ghetto life and the ways which an individual learned to survive in the ghetto. Meanwhile as a religious work, it does tell about how an individual is struggling in order to find his God. And it cannot be denied as it is clear that in political work is the book has had its strongest impact.

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