Analysis Of Mcgoldrick And Gerson ( 1985 ) Essay

Analysis Of Mcgoldrick And Gerson ( 1985 ) Essay

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McGoldrick and Gerson (1985) explained a genogram as part of a comprehensive process of evaluating one’s family history. During the creation of my genogram, I began to realize and discover things I had never noted before. Prior to this, I thought my family was just an Italian-American family that displayed regular characteristics of an upper middle-class family. It became very obvious to me as to why conflicts and areas of trouble have developed. Another concern that became prevalent was the strong traits and personalities each member encompasses in my family. However, it also explained much about myself and clarifies why I behave the way I do. Although my immediate family is relatively small, there are clear behavioral and mental trends that have transferred throughout the generations.
To complete this project, I had to ask my mom various questions pertaining dates, occupations, and ethnicities of some of my family members. Even though the genogram I made consists of 3 generations, it excludes my very large extended family consisting of aunts, uncles, first and second cousins, as well as non-related family members. However, for the most part, I know my immediate family better because we regularly get together for every holiday, birthday, graduation, or religious ceremony; so that is why I choose to focus the genogram on the Felix and Acri side. I had a very hard time thinking of patterns, behavioral and emotional, that occurred throughout my immediate family. But, after a lot of analyzing and discussing it with my mom, I was able to recognize them while keeping my mother’s opinions and views separate from mine.
While making this genogram, I made the realization that my family posses patterns that I have never understood befor...

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... also aid in understanding why members of my family follow through certain acts based on where they lie in their developmental stage. For example, the majority of my family’s second generation falls under the generativity vs. stagnation stage. Recently, my father came to the realization he has not contributed to the world in the way he wants. In response, he is now writing a book fulfilling what he feels will be right. It was also very interesting to see how it transmits to other generations. Adler’s psychodynamic perspective and birth order theory also contributed greatly to my analysis. His view that our past shapes our future can be attributed to how we experience and hold relationships with others. For instance, as previously stated, the relationship my father holds with me and my brother is a result of his sister’s behavior and the treatment from my grandfather.

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