Essay on Analysis Of 3m 's Board Of Directors

Essay on Analysis Of 3m 's Board Of Directors

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Of all the pathways to growth, investing in our people is most important”. 3M considers, if their employees will grow that will unlock their energy and activities which are important for customers, this lead to company growth. Apparently, 3M 's first chairman of the board, William L. McKnight, was a unique leader and 3M has had remarkable leaders at all levels of the company ever since.
3M corporate governance rules describe how to organize business on a daily basis, which conducts permanent growth. These principles represent a framework that describes the roles, rights and responsibilities at different organizational levels. 3M’s Board of Directors supervises the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Management, and insures that company’s procedures and controls containing management 's’ activities in running the company on ethical cultures on a day-to-day basis (Appendix) .
3M Board of Directors has elaborated some guidelines, which in relation with the Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Board Committee charters, compose the framework for 3M governance and have the following structure:
The Board of Directors - 3M Company is lead under the supervision of the Board of Directors. The Board chooses the Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, and delegates to the CEO the authority and responsibility to manage the Company’s operations. The Board of Directors represents the shareholders, advises and consults the CEO, and senior management, and supervises management accomplishments on behalf of shareholders. The Board also supervises the company’s strategic and business planning process and revises and evaluates management’s tactics to applying significant risks of company.
Management - The CEO a...

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...e advantage.
3M uses the following IT to provide advantages for their business and improve customers service:
3M website ( different languages, where customers can answer their own questions or seek answers from others.
3M uses email as a way to improve customer service and more quickly respond to certain needs or help requests.
3M uses live chat to communicate with their clients and provide answers to their questions.
3M also delivers for their customer relations through social media: Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
3M is available anywhere, anytime by utilizing all forms of communication, including email, forms, multiple social networks, chat boxes, 24-hour customer service. Accordingly, 3M offers customers the option to contact them whenever they want and however they want which offers a freedom that customers appreciate.

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