Intel Social Responsibility

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Many companies are starting to realize just how much of an impact their decisions and operations make on society. Intel, an American corporation that designs and manufactures chips for computers and other various types of integrated technology, is at the forefront of the social responsibility movement within the technology business. Intel’s co-founder, Andy Grove, built the company based around the management views of Peter Druckers as written in his book, “The Practice of Management”. This book has an entire chapter dedicated to “The Responsibilities of Management”. Drucker’s book states that businesses and those running them have a responsibility to consider how their actions may affect society. The choices of one organization may affect many parts of the world. According to Drucker, when businesses are making management and operation decisions, they must “consider whether the action is likely to promote the public good, to advance the basic beliefs of our society, to contribute to its stability, strength and harmony”. This means that it is up to the upper management of an organization to make sure that any decisions a company makes coincide with the values of society and will have a positive impact on society (Wartzman, 2014). Intel has taken Drucker’s concept and theories to heart when creating their policies. According to Intel’s Chief Executive, Brian Krzanich, Intel is the first company to make and ship computer chips, or “microprocessors”, that aren’t made from minerals, which profits from go to military leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These military leaders command armies, which murder innocent citizens in their attempts to gain control of the mines and the routes to transport the minerals. By purchasing mi... ... middle of paper ... ...omponents, which are environmental, human rights, community, and employees. While I won’t get into the details of each program because that would be quite lengthy, I will say that knowing that I work for a company that cares for its employees all over the world, the environment, and its consumers and community increases my pride in the company and makes working there an even more enjoyable experience ("Social & Environmental Responsibility Report 2011-2012."). In my opinion, social responsibility programs are important and should be a mandatory part of any organization. All organizations, no matter how small, have to realize how they have an impact on society and the world. Even though these programs may be costly, they may pay off in the long run because consumers won’t want to spend their money at a company that doesn’t concern itself with its impact on society.
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