Analysis of Groupon Marketing Strategy Essay

Analysis of Groupon Marketing Strategy Essay

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With the internet technology, everyone can stay at home for online shopping. What’s more, if you can enjoy daily discounts with all the information, home delivery and 24-hours daily operation, that’s all can be found by buying Groupon. Groupon, the company has successfully captured millions of online consumers throughout the world. The marketing strategy of Groupon captures the consumer behavior. Consumer buying behavior, defined as... “The buying behavior of final consumers, individual and households who buy goods and services for personal”.Groupon consumers mainly responses to:
- Brand selection: the advertisements, messages and discounts offered consumers to try something new with lower price for a variety of product, restaurant menu, branded handbag and so on.
- Product service: Groupon offering special deal Groupon and the consumer can select the convenience time for salon appointment or dinning appointment. Furthermore, the company policy “The Groupon Promise” encourage consumer to buy as no question will be asked to return purchased Groupon, this towards the customer satisfaction guarantee.
- Purchasing timing: “a deal of today must not miss” is commonly built into Groupon’s customers’ mind. Offering a huge discount and can easily to purchase via internet or mobile technology, furthermore, the product is home delivery.
- Reference groups: The social influence likes Facebook, Twitter is helping the grow of Groupon. When the responses and commends is positive, many consumers will follow the trends bearing in mind of trying.
The Groupon consumers follow below five-stage purchase decision process:
i. Need recognition
Usually when buyers buy a product they based on the need. A need to try out new ideas for a low...

... middle of paper ...

...ay of advertisement can capture the attention of users and if the advertisement content is so attractive, the users will further process to Groupon to look at the deals.

d) Enlarging new customers:
A research on the consumer purchase behavior is an estantial needs. The analysis data will provide more information on who, how, and why to buy, and also understanding the competotors marketing strategic plan. Secondly, by analyzes majority subscribers age group, gender, preference items. Sending regularly email on current promotion items and offer them with the 1st trial discount voucher to conver the subscribers into customers. This is the possible way to attact more new customer buying with Grouponand develop Groupon in their mind. If they are happy with their previous purchase from Groupon, the possibility to continue purchase from Groupon has been increased.

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