Analysis Of Grace Wilde 's ' Hello, I Love You ' Essay

Analysis Of Grace Wilde 's ' Hello, I Love You ' Essay

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Ever wonder what happens when you decide to run off to go to boarding school in South Korea? Yes? (If you’re thinking, “why would she go to boarding school there?” me too, folks. Me too.)

Hello, I Love You is about what happens when an American teenager, Grace Wilde, runs off to South Korea to escape the pressure of being part of a well-known family in the music industry and the tragedy that had befell on her family. She attempts to adjust to her new life at a boarding school in Korea, and along the way, she encounters her roommate’s twin brother, Jason, who’s an arrogant but insecure Korean pop star and who she constantly clashes with. And of course, love blossoms in the air, and soon the issues of their past come to the surface, forcing them to face it head on.

things i would tell grace wilde in hello, i love you
Open your mind more, and embrace this new country you’re in.

Oh my god, do you know how baffling it was to read about how ignorant Grace is of Korea and the culture? I know it’s expected, but why didn’t this girl research the country she decided to run off to? Grace is incredibly close-minded and judgmental; she doesn’t have a very high expectation of South Korea. (For instance, she thought Korea had only traditional music—not pop or hip hop—and didn’t think Koreans could speak flawless English. So cringeworthy.) She’s dismissive of Korea even though she picked the country to go to! You’re in a pretty advanced country, Grace!

Her cultural unawareness was a painful, yet accurate portrayal of a person who doesn’t understand a culture they’re unfamiliar with. I just wanted to thrust things to expose her to the awesome of the culture like watch Korean dramas or eat all the foods.

Tone down that entitled brattiness and...

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...unately, it didn’t give me (and many other readers) what I had expected. I thought I would be immersed in the Korean culture—the food, the people, the music, and so on—but for a book that’s set in Korea, “it reads like another white teen drama,” as said by Kayla. I do not disagree one bit with that statement. At times, it felt like it was set in Korea as an attempt to be diverse, and it just didn’t work. I never felt like we stepped out of the Western bubble to truly embrace the rich Korean culture.

Should you read this book? Perhaps, Grace may be an unlikeable and unbearable character (who actually never grows beyond her bad traits), but there are tons of people like her which I feel like readers can relate to. However, you should be aware of the problems in the book that Rose does a beautiful job of addressing in her review, which is better than I could ever write.

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