Analysis Of Felix 's Mouth Is Open Essay

Analysis Of Felix 's Mouth Is Open Essay

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I smile faintly. I know perfectly well the chances of me surviving are slim, maybe impossible. Probably impossible. “And if I don’t try to buy you sometime to escape, either will you. You’ll both die and I can’t let that happen. Not because of me and my stupidity.”
“No. We’ll fight.”
“Then I will have to watch you and Thorn die. There’s no other way.”
Felix’s mouth is open as if to argue, but he doesn’t. He knows I’m right. His hand drops from my arm. Thorn, however, shakes her head. “Don’t,” she whispers.
I don’t answer her and keep my attention on my friend in front of me. I feel myself choking up and I cough it away, pain aching in my ribs as I do. The banging is growing louder and they will no doubt breakthrough in a matter of minutes. “You know I’m right, Felix. There’s no other way. Not this time. You will take your sister and get out of here.” I continue on toward the well and he doesn’t follow me. “Beside your lives will be easier without me and you won’t have an extra mouth to feed.”
“Crysta, please don’t do this. I…”
“Do it now, Felix!” I yell; the pain this causes hurting more than my physical pain. I’d rather take a beating than this. “Help her up and get under the stair case! She can’t walk without someone to help her.”
He hesitates and then finally he turns his back on me, picking up his sister and Thorn, first the time, looks panicky and not in control of her emotions. “No,” she objects, her voice squeaking. Felix pull them under the stairs, but she still yells out, tugging at him. “No, we can’t do this. We won’t leave you.”
“Yes, we will,” Felix says, gravely.
“But she’s our friend,” Thorn growls, the panic still in her voice.
I laugh, coldly at this comment. I’m almost too the well. “I thought we weren’t fri...

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...e, and I welcome the new rush of adrenaline I need to survive this. I fall about five feet, dropping the gun, but I grab onto the edge of the pipe by my fingertips. The water sucks at my feet, threatening to drag me under into its watery grave. My arms want to let go so badly, but if I fall, I’m dead and I will not die. Not today. The Reds gather around the top, staring down at me, stunned. The tall one screams enrages at the men to get me out and other commands that become nonsense to me as I focus on what’s important.
Staying alive.
I will stay alive, because that’s who I am.
I survive.
With determination and trembling arms, I slowly pull my entire beaten body into the pipe. Someone suddenly grabs my foot and I kick that person with all my might, but all my might sends me slipping down the pipe in a place which the light disappears into a black sucking water way.

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