Analysis Of Federico Lorca 's Blood Wedding Essay

Analysis Of Federico Lorca 's Blood Wedding Essay

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An Analysis of the Roles of Society and Motifs in Federico Lorca’s Blood Wedding

As my understanding was developed in the play Blood Wedding by Federico Lorca, the roles of society and motifs are consistently revealed through the play.These helped develop the themes of cycle of life, the progression of time, choice, and fate. Roles of society such as family inheritance, conflicts, and expectations was emphasized throughout the story.The motifs help foreshadow and connect with roles of society in events that will occur. Thus the motif of Greed which is depicted in characters like the Father. Also the motif of knives which are brought up again and again by multiple scenes and characters.The roles of society help bring understanding and insight to the themes of the play. While the motifs help carry on the play which overall represents the theme.
Roles in society ,such as expectations ,play important effects towards the characters. During the play the Groom is set to marry the Bride which is of “good blood” or worth. Expectations are so high that both parents of both sides must agree that they are worthy of each other. This goes on about how great each child is and how useful they are. The mother even inspects the Bride and questions her until the mother was convinced that she was worthy for her son. The father assures this by stating ,”at three,when the morning star shines, she prepares the bread. She never talks: soft as wool, she embroiders all kinds of fancy work and she can cut a strong cord with her teeth”(Lorca 50). This assesses what expectations were expected within the play and were focused on. Expectations like this also helped developed family inheritance and are correlated within the play.
Family inh...

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...ect it had.The motifs were knifes that brought destruction and death. While greed brought the marriage together and conflict. Which then revealed the themes of cycle of life,the progression of time,choice, and fate. Lorca’s message is duties to family’s needs verse duties to self. Characters feel obligated to fufill familys wants and needs like the Bride to fulfill her family 's needs.Also the Bridegroom which followed everything and attended his mother’s needs.While Leonardo is different he goes against society which causes conflict of the Bride putting her own needs first.Now see the change which Lorca is trying to convey, that there is now the old generation verse the new generation.The old caring about their status and view to society.While the new is finding your own happiness.Over the course of the play conflict,roles,and motifs are developed in within the play.

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