Analysis Of Ding Ling, A Woman And A Man, And Yecao Essay

Analysis Of Ding Ling, A Woman And A Man, And Yecao Essay

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Ding Ling is one of the many women writers during the age of New Culture who went through a process of uncertainty and self-discovery. She is also one of most praised 20th century Chinese women writers. She wrote many books and short works, including I Myself Am a Woman: Selected Writing of Ding Ling, which includes many of her short works. Some of her short works in the book are “Miss Sophia’s Diary”, “A Woman and a Man”, and “Yecao”. In these three shorts she showcases three different women as modern woman by displaying their thoughts and feelings. Through the thoughts and feelings, Ding Ling’s thoughts and feelings are also displayed as a writer. As an author Ding Ling’s thoughts become more public to the audience as she writes about the modern woman’s private thoughts in the shorts. In each short the modern women’s thoughts and feelings are presented differently as the author herself go though the process of uncertainty and self-discovery displayed by modern women. Each short differs that the audience through each woman’s relationship with the male figures sees each modern woman differently.
In “Miss Sophia’s Diary”, Ding Ling writes about Sophia, who is a modern woman, through diary entries giving the audience the perspective of Sophia’s life with complexity and contradiction displayed by Sophia’s thoughts and feelings. She has tuberculosis indicating she is weak but her thoughts and desires are strong making her seem powerful. Sophia’s thoughts about Ling Jishi include “I looked at his soft, red moist deeply inset lips and let out my breath slightly” (Ding Ling, 55). Ling Jishi is a tall man who Sophia met from friends and found him attractive provoking an image of her wanting to kiss him but she doesn’t. Sophia wanting to...

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...e more as an author but is seen as weak because she is a woman that is doing something woman usually don’t do. “A Woman and a Man” published in 1928 differs from “Miss Sophia’s Diary” because the woman in this short is respected by male figures, which Ding Ling is starting to earn respect form the audience as a modern woman writing. In the last short “Yecao” published in 1930 displays a modern woman acting and being respected as one. Ding Ling also relates to her character in this short because she is trying to write more stories like Yecao and is being respected as an author now due to her works. The writings include the characters private thoughts which are also the authors private thoughts becoming more public to the audience because her works are published. As the characters’ thoughts become more private, the author’s thought become more public to the audience.

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