Rhetorical Techniques In Maxe Hong Kingston's No Name Woman

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Analysis of Rhetorical Techniques of No Name Woman In Maxine Hong Kingston story, “No Name Woman,” the author told a story of her aunt who was punished for committing adultery and died in order to express her thought and spirit of revolt of the patriarchal oppression in the old Chinese society. My essay will analyze the rhetoric and the technique of using different narrators to represent the article and expound the significance of using those methods in the article. The story was titled by “No Name Woman” which seem to mean the aunt is nameless. However, namelessness refers to something that is an unknown or materials whose name was not entitled. The woman is the aunt of the author, the sister of the households who used to live with the family.…show more content…
The baby is the symbol of the Continuation. The death of the child indicated the wish to terminate forever the hierarchy which will not haunt the offspring. “Plugging in” means to block which reinforce the dream of her aunt that is to seal the old society and accelerate the arrival of the new society. The definition of the “ghost” is a shadow which wandering among or haunting other people. The villagers called her aunt a ghost because they are scared of her behavior. The life that they know had been attacked. Kingston uses the harsh responses of the villagers indirectly exposes her aunt ‘s challenge to the society. Also, if the ghost is referring to the no name woman, it can also represent the “no name man.” Kingston uses her imagination to describe the threat that the aunt may suffer from the unknown man, which testifies that the no name man is the invisible ghost who has been haunting the aunt until her death. Furthermore, the no name man is a symbol of the corrupt regime which means the regime is also the ghost that haunts the people who are suffering oppressed. The most efficient thing to fight against a ghost is another ghost which her aunt becomes the visible ghost and fight against the invisible ghost which refers to the corrupt
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