Essay on Analysis Of Brevard High School 's Curriculum

Essay on Analysis Of Brevard High School 's Curriculum

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Brevard High School’s curriculum necessitates the completion of a final research paper that is graded by local college professors in order for students to obtain their high school diploma. I can recollect on the impending feeling of dread as the graded argumentative essays were returned to my class. As I reviewed the comments made on my rubric section, I discovered that I would have received a perfect score on my paper due to the extensive research I had compiled. Unfortunately, I had not cited one of my sources correctly, which deducted a significant amount of points from my final grade. My teacher communicated that he planned on advocating for my grade to be reconsidered, because he believed that I should have received a higher score than I did. Nevertheless, in contrast to my teacher’s frustration, I experienced an immense amount of pride due to the fact that my only critique was one that did not necessarily reflect my style or vocabulary as a writer. I understood that these elements of my composition still required improvement, but I had grown in confidence which enabled me to become more receptive to criticism in order to further my writing abilities.
Transitioning from a setting of required learning to one of voluntary participation enabled me to grow in directions as a student that I would not have deemed possible before I had enrolled in English 101 as a first time college freshman. As a senior in high school, I grew in confidence in my writing abilities. As a freshman in college, I have grown in confidence in regards to my ability to persuade my audience through rhetorical approaches. I have developed completely contrasting perspectives in regards to writing than I held at the beginning of the semester. The most notable...

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...vincing the audience of my intellectual abilities eclipsed my perception of how to rationally communicate the legitimacy of my argument to my audience through a string of words that they could easily decipher. I believe that the Revision Reports that were required for every essay increased my self-awareness as a writer, which led to this epiphany. Prior to this class, I rarely reflected upon how I revised the final drafts of my essays after turning them in. As most high school students may contend, it is unlikely to even remember what the last essay one wrote was about, nevertheless what was done to improve upon their argument after revising the first draft. By becoming a more self-aware writer through taking this course, I am not only confident in my abilities as a rhetor, but as a person who can independently correct their own mistakes within their writing as well.

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