Analysis Of Beauchamp And Childress Have Devised Four Principles Essay

Analysis Of Beauchamp And Childress Have Devised Four Principles Essay

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Beauchamp and Childress have devised four principles which are: autonomy which is the right of any individual to make their own decisions; non- maleficence which is to avoid harm; beneficence which is the duty to do good and justice which is to treat everyone equally (Aldcroft, 2012). All of these play a major role in the conflict between Elsie and the healthcare professionals. Like every patient, Elsie has a right to make a decision regarding her treatment and it’s the duty of the healthcare professional to respect their decision. Registered nurse and the paramedics here have a duty to avoid doing wrong to her patient. It is there work to generate good outcomes with least harm to the patient (De Roubaix, 2011). Beneficence also has a main role in this scenario. It shares the same role as non-maleficence. Beneficence is any action that can be performed for the benefit of other person (Garrett, Baillie, & Garrett, 2013). In this case, registered nurse and the paramedics performed an action to save Elsie’s life which is indeed beneficence. The last one is justice which is the right to treat everyone equally. It is the duty of every healthcare professional to treat their patients equally (Aldcroft, 2012). So, in this case RN and the paramedics are performing their duty to save a patient’s life who can die if the treatment is not given on time.

Virtue ethics is presently one of three main approaches in normative ethics ("Virtue Ethics", 2013). In healthcare profession, virtues are regarded as a habit which helps a person to do what is morally good (Holland, 2012). Apart from virtue the other two main concepts are human flourishing and wisdom. Human flourishing is derived from the concept of virtue which is the right action to perform...

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...edy person. So, in this case healthcare professionals have done the right thing. Elsie’s heath was getting worse, at that point it was important to make a decision which could have saved her life if she wouldn’t have opposed it. On considering Elsie’s symptoms, it is recorded that she had a severe chest pain starting from her left shoulder, irregular pulse and low blood pressure which are symptoms of cardiac arrest ("Cardiac Arrest", 2016). So, in no way it could be described as just stress as claimed by her family. She was showing the symptoms before she was advised to be taken to the hospital. There was no evidence that the patient has not to be taken for a treatment or no resuscitation should be done without the patient’s permission. It is clear that the patient was in a critical condition and the healthcare professionals were just doing their job to save her life

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