An Interview Of A Grandparent And Grandchild Essay

An Interview Of A Grandparent And Grandchild Essay

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So much of the world changes from one decade to the next, even more so from one generation to the next. We often hear parents say they are raising their children in a new world, unrecognizable from that which they grew up in. Children say their parents are from a different time and just can’t understand where they are coming from today. So what differences would we find in an interview of a grandparent and grandchild? What similarities could there possibly be?

There is a 62 year age difference between the two subjects I interviewed. The senior citizen I interviewed will be referred to as Arnold. Arnold is a married, 75 year old veteran with one child and six grandchildren. The adolescent I interviewed will be referred to as Zack. Zack is a 13 year old student and the second youngest of Arnold’s grandchildren, having a twin sister just a few minutes younger. Both subjects were excited about their interviews and answered as honestly as possible. Even with the age gap between them, I found a lot of similarities in their answers.

While Zack is not yet in high school, he will of course attend it in a few short years and plans to graduate, just as Arnold did. Both Zack and Arnold seemed to like school and saw it as a way to be social and get out of the house. While Arnold spent little to no time doing homework, Zack cannot say the same. Zack spends roughly one hour a day doing homework. Arnold felt the area of study was basic, and probably not that different from what students study today. Zack however, uses technology daily at school. I would say that both Arnold and Zack had similar experiences in school. The main difference being that Zack uses technology and has much more demanding load of homework and possibly a more advanced c...

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...e are some consistent features for what is expected of a boy to reach manhood. It is now expected that one would leave his family and become independent in the world to be considered a man. I believe Arnold and Zack’s answers reflect this.

While I think the answers I received from my subjects may not be typical, it does show there can be a lot of similarity in what adolescents face and where their priorities lie. While many senior citizens would tell you they didn’t finish high school, and most 13 year olds are not pursuing a career in acting, I think that the life of a teenager holds a lot of the same truths from one generation to the next. The circumstances may change drastically, but there’s nothing new under the sun. With a bit of empathy and reflection, I think the generations could find that there’s a lot more understanding between them than they realize.

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