An Individual 's Unique Constellation Of Consistent Behavioral Traits Essay

An Individual 's Unique Constellation Of Consistent Behavioral Traits Essay

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The text defines personality as “an individual’s unique constellation of consistent behavioral traits.” (Weiten, W., Dunn, D., & Hammer, E. Y., p. 31) Personality is indeed unique. Every intelligent species has a personality and, much like snowflakes, no two personalities are completely alike. However, we have found ways to breakdown personalities into certain categories with The Five-Factor Model of Personality. With this model, Robert McCrae and Paul Costa found a simple way to categorize personalities through descriptions of certain behaviors such as extraversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. (Weiten, W., Dunn, D., & Hammer, E. Y., p. 32) Individuals fall into each category to some degree. For example, extraversion is the broad way of describing personality traits such as outgoing, sociable, and friendly. Everyone has these extravert traits, but for some this trait is more prevalent than it is for others.
For me, I took a Big Five Personality Test that I found online through a google search. Through this test, I scored high in openness to experience with an 87.5%, high is conscientiousness with an 80%, moderately extraverted with 55%, moderate in agreeableness with 67.5%, and low in neuroticism with 22.5%. With my high score for openness, I am flexible and imaginative, with artistic sensitivity, and I am more tolerant of ambiguity. With conscientiousness, which had a high score as well, I am more diligent, well organized, punctual, and dependable. With my moderate score in agreeableness, I am more sympathetic, cooperative, trusting, and modest. The text notes that agreeableness is connected to income, too. For extraversion, with a moderate score, I am more sociable and upbeat. (Weiten, W., Dunn...

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...ressions. Personally, I believe that I do really well with reading into body language. So, I really connected with this while reading the description provided. (Functional Analysis of The INTJ)
Looking into my personality has always been something of interest to me, so I found this paper to be an interesting topic to write about. As humans, I find that we want to have answers for everything and that we will go through whatever obstacles we have to in order to obtain them. This goes for understanding ourselves, too. Digging through research to find explanations for why I am the way that I am has always interested me, but I still believe that there are more questions in life than there are answers and that is just something that I need to accept. However, I do not think that I will ever stop trying to find them. It is just part of my personality to look for the facts.

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