Big Five Personality Test Essay

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For this assignment, I was able to use the Big Five Personality Test. The Big Five Personality Test uses a statistical skill which is referred as factor analysis to find the result of the personality.The Big Five Test uses a model called OCEAN which is the acronym for personalities such as; openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.
For the Test, I decided to compare myself to my mother. My mother has been a huge part of my life, and is someone I admire and look up too. By completing this test, I wanted to see how similar or different our personalities were. However, before starting the test, I knew that my mother and I had some similar interests and qualities, yet very different personalities.
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According to Abraham Maslow, human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs, and the certain lower needs must be satisfied before higher needs can be fulfilled. The Hierarchy of needs must be met in order to reach self-actualization. Maslow identifies four different levels before one comes to full self-actualization.Self-actualization is to have all of the needs fulfilled and be where you need to. These levels are, in order, the psychological needs, safety, love and care and esteem needs.The first three needs in Maslow 's triangle are considered essential to all humans at all times. However, to reach true self-actualization,individuals must take care of their lower needs. I believe my mother and I both have our physiological needs met. As my mother grew up both my grandparents supported her with food, shelter, and a loving home which they made sure she was comfortable and secure. Although my mother did not have what she has provided me and my siblings with, she did have a secure childhood. I know that my need in terms of security have been fulfilled because my parents have provided me with security and safety. I also believe that my mother and I both have our love and belonging needs met. I grew up very close to my family. We are very supportive of one another which I am thankful very thankful to have. As for the self esteem aspect of Maslow 's needs, I believe we both have rather high self esteem, however my mother might have much higher self esteem than I do. Although I believe I am confident, I am also an introvert by nature. My mother is an extrovert and loves being the center of attention and the life of parties, which reflects her high score on the (BFT). I believe that both my mother 's and my needs have been met on Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs which results in making us similar having all our needs met. Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs has provided me with