An Increase in the World's Technology Brings and Increase in Cyber Bullying

An Increase in the World's Technology Brings and Increase in Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying
The increase in the world of technology comes with a horrific price. According to a non-profit organization for social revision, “eighty-one percent of adolescents think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.” (11 Facts About Cyber Bullying). Universally, there is controversy involving stronger laws for cyber bullying. Unfortunately, many individuals live by the motto “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” People also believe that parents do not teach their children constructive criticism from hate. If cyber bullying was just constructive criticism, then it would not lead to death. Many people fail to realize how abusive comments can hurt a human being. With the increase in technology, cyber bullying is becoming more common. The government must create stronger laws against online bullying to prevent suicide and depression among teens.
To start off, what is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place over the internet or bullying that takes place using technology. A recent survey on cyber bullying found that “one in six parents reported having a child bullied on social media.” (American Osteopathic Association, 2011) Cyber bullies harass innocent individuals, usually on social media. As cyber bullying progresses, the victim’s self-esteem plummets. If the harassment continues, depression is more likely to occur. Yes, people have freedom of speech, but when rude comments begin to harm other individuals, you are using your freedom wrong. This is no longer freedom of speech, it is a weapon. Cyber bullying victims have the ability to experience more feelings of depression than other groups of bullying victims since their harasser can remain a...

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