Essay on An Essential Part Of A Public Relations Campaign

Essay on An Essential Part Of A Public Relations Campaign

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An essential part of a public relations campaign is to ensure that the campaign has the overall affect of managing information to the publics (Boundless Business 2016). A Public relations campaign is a way to build and transfer a specific message or image towards the public (Wilcox et al. 2013). The Edge of Nowhere Foundation (EON) campaign can be classified as a Public Relations campaign because its overall goal is to increase awareness across the nation. EON is already a professionally managed organization in WA, but it needs a new campaign to become a national one. The campaign was attempting to address the issue of the extremely poor health conditions faced by Aboriginal children in remote areas. The Edge of Nowhere foundation campaign will aim to deliver its overall goal within the time frame of one year. EON’s overall goal of raising a new nationwide awareness, building and maintaining a more public profile, and generate goodwill for Indigenous communities campaign. This essay will justify the campaign strategies created in the report, address the possible issues and justify EON’s need for improving the current campaigns.

The main goal mentioned earlier for EON is to raise a new nationwide awareness, build and maintain a more public profile, and generate goodwill for Indigenous communities. There are over 669 881 Australian Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia, and 21.4 % live in remote or very remote areas, these groups of people are facing disease from poor diet and health conditions (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011). Aboriginal and Torres Strait citizens start off with an almost two times higher population in the younger years 0-14 than non-Indigenous Australians bu...

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...o the reduction of preventable and chronic disease caused by poor nutrition and to grow in partnership with remote Indigenous communities, edible gardens and practical, healthy eating programs that sow the seeds of changing attitudes to nutrition for generations to come. Public relations can positively affect the Australian public, and bring forward important issues and the need for attention amongst society, which is why EON’s campaign is classified as public relations.

Overall, if followed correctly the campaign can be implemented successfully, if the strategies, tactics are conducted correctly, the budgeting and timing is correct then the goals can be easily attained. With mention to possible issues that could occur it is best to address these issues and if they occur during the campaign then its best to evaluate them at the end and configure a better approach.

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