Essay on The American Society Of Healthcare Risk Management Program

Essay on The American Society Of Healthcare Risk Management Program

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Have you ever worked for an organization, specifically healthcare, that has a risk management program (RMP) abided by daily? Taking a look into the possibilities of what could happen on and off the job is very crucial, especially in a healthcare facility; therefore, risk management programs are imperative for any organization for the reason that they set the ball in motion based on a well-developed plan. This presentation will provide an overview of elements for new employees in a healthcare organization that are significant to a risk management program through the steps and evaluation of compliance with the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM), recommendations, and the administrative process of a risk manager.
Steps of a RMP
The American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) initiatives focus on developing and implementing safe and effective patient care practices, the preservation of financial resources and the maintenance of safe working environments (ASHRM, 2015). To implement such safe and effective patient care practices, one must know the steps to take in their risk management program. Although there is a plethora of steps confirmed with knowledge to take for risk prevention, there are three central ones to be in compliance with at all times: risk identification, risk analysis, and risk assessment.
Risk Identification
According to our eBook, risk identification involves past and present collections of patient information including occurrences (Kavaler & Alexander, 2014). Awareness of possible risks is critical in a risk management program. Risk prevention can be intertwined with risk factors through the examination of past and present patient information for effective risk identification. There is...

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... 2014). A risk manager must make sure the risk management education program adheres the protection and safety of the patients, as well as the employees and healthcare organization itself. However, the risk manager should be certified in other areas, such as CPR, due to the fact of working in a healthcare facility.
Furthermore, there are numerous approaches for a risk management program; however, the best approach is through risk identification, risk analysis, and risk assessment. Acquired knowledge should have been gained from the findings and supporting details presented today through the steps of a RMP and evaluation of compliance to ASHRM, possible recommendations, and the administrative process of a risk manager. Understanding the steps and the administrative process of a risk manager shows ultimate importance in an effective risk management program.

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