Essay on The American Nightmare - Original Writing

Essay on The American Nightmare - Original Writing

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The American Nightmare
Close your eyes... All the way. Keep them closed please! Ok now take a deep breath in and imagine yourself inhaling all the beautiful shiny things your heart desires. Imagine inhaling a cold crisp gratifying lungful so satisfying you can feel a release of pressure moving down every individual bone in your rib cage as your lungs fill to their maximum capacity. So full in fact you would start to swear the very air you are breathing has somehow become cleaner. The more you breath, the healthier you begin to feel. Your judgment begins to feel a bit more at ease or maybe even foggy. As you drift off to a... happier state of mind, think for a moment or two what your ultimate vision of the "American Dream" would look like to you. Do you imagine a large house to keep you safe, full of life 's top of the line necessities? Maybe a spacious yard with a finely groomed yard to really show off your prize winning garden engulfed in wildflowers perfectly complimenting your oak wood wrap around deck that just so happens to overlook the Hollywood sign that has a lovely view from your infinity pool. The pool that is located near your 4 car garage full of the latest and greatest models. Your bank accounts are full the relatives are healthy and well educated at the best schools and your perfect life and possessions are always admired by your many loyal followers of social media. After all isn 't that the "American Dream"? Maybe that 's all it was... an oasis of an illusion passed down through generations to be sought after. Like a vital cog in a well-oiled machinery that held all the other pieces together to work hard.
According to Nitin Nohria In the Envy and the American Dream published by Harvard Business Review from 2013 "...

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...ays. We are a nation built on lies, murders, secret societies, terrorists within our own U.S. government and wars started out of pure vengeance because it is just the way things are. Simply because our historic leaders have developed and adapted to a certain way of conducting policies that are not in our nation 's best interest today, is not the nation we should be forced to stand behind. If this is the way, we are teaching our children to behave because we just don 't know any better due to our parent 's ignorance then we are just as guilty. If we don 't decide to stop being lazy and make the choice to think about our children 's generation then who will? The government? The wrapper for the American dream may change but it is still tucked inside the same small sales pitch full of lies containing the same deceiving message and unfulfilled promises.

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