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America 's View Of Aging Essay examples

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America’s view of aging is of quintessential of successful aging. As discussed in class, successful aging is setting goals of attaining youthfulness. (Aldwin & Gilmer) The younger one looks and, more importantly feels, the better one is aging. Aldwin and Gilmer state there is only one way to age successfully and it must be without illness. Maintaining peak performance across mental, cognitive, physical, and emotional health and wellbeing encompasses a holistic approach to caring for ones-self with age. Not allowing for chronic illness or age related limiting factors, successful aging requires peak performance. Actively participating in giving back to the community in which one lives is a vital component to theories of successful aging. Theories holding to these criteria do not allow for the variety of individuals encompassing them. (Aldwin and Gilmer) Many times it is difficult or impossible for adults to reach peak performance according to a set standard instead of focusing attention on preventing disabilities. (Power Point) American’s believe the longer you can achieve youth, the more fulfilling your life will be.
Optimal aging is a different way of viewing the aging process which is much gentler than the previous. Aging is still viewed in a holistic manner, however there is no set criteria or peak performance to meet. According to Aldwin and Gilmer this is a continual process heavily measured by the individual. Optimal aging allows for the individual to decide if they are functioning in these areas successfully for their own standards. Each individual has personal goals and activities they would like to be able to attain, but this is different for each person. Allowing for variance to be the basis lets an individual decide if...

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... what I would want.
A lot of information I have learned in this class has crossed over with information I learned in other classes. In my EMT class I learned about all the body systems and a very little bit about caring for older adults. This course has enhanced my base knowledge and has deepened my understanding of many health issues, such as dementia, Parkinson’s, and much more. I’m grateful for the extra knowledge and am eager to push for specialized classes focusing on geriatric care to be offered for pre- and hospital personnel. I have learned a lot in my history of public health class which also crosses over with this course. Studying gerontology has proven to be very important for public health topics too. There are many changes that need to take place from a public health perspective, such has enhancements to insurance coverage and quality of nursing homes.

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