America Is The Land Of The Free And The Place Of Opportunities Essay

America Is The Land Of The Free And The Place Of Opportunities Essay

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America is the land of the free and the place of opportunities for everyone. Where the common man can live a comfortable lifestyle. A country that allows people to live a long, prosperous life. The red, white, blue that provides individuals to believe in their own religious, politics, and decided their own choices. The place that accept and respects various cultures, which has various customs. However, the ethnicity of people has the right to get respect, too. Right now, America only recognized black people for their physically contributions such as fashion, music, art, but reject the race of black people. American will love black culture but not black people themselves.
Fashion is popular trend that many individual follow that change daily. Some black styles are taken and revamp to make it seem it was not down by them. Timberland boots have been around for over 20 years, but recent Elle said the classic shoe would be the go to shoe for the winter. Then chunky jewelry was used in high fashion, even though it was created in the birth of hip hop to create a flashy look for rappers such as Kane and Run DMC. Plus, fashion designers like Chanel, even revamp do-rags as urban tie cap. Also, designers even tried to create silk hair caps when they have been around for generation of black people. Madonna tried to wear grills, even though it was done in the South in the ‘60s. American Apparel made a collection called Afrika with kente cloth when it originated as a reflection of the history of slavery from the Ashanti people of Ghana.
African American‘s hair is used to create styles that reflect the unique black culture, through white people are stealing the styles. Zulu knot used as decorative styles in West Africa but female celebrities lik...

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...fs from Flame and Lacrae “Joyful Sounds”. Also, Katy Perry borrowed aspects of trap music when she used Juicy J in “Dark Horse”. Lil Debbie took the Aaliyah’s latest song “Rock the Boat” and used it in her ratchet riff called “Work the Middle”.
Black culture is taking apart by America piece by piece; however the one major part they left out was black people. It undermines the true meaning of the African American culture’s message. By America stealing the culture, it allows cultural appropriation to rapidly continue without respecting what Black individuals feel about this matter and their culture. This will cause many African Americans to feel that they are being mocked for fun, othered by society, and making it hard for blacks to affirm who they are. The significance of the black people are being erase as America keeps claim various aspects as their own creation.

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