The Pros And Cons Of American Democracy

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Many Americans are proud to live in a country that claims to be a democracy. They are enlightened to know that “the people” have the power to actively participate in the decision making process of the government. They constantly show pride and faith on the principles of democracy everywhere they go. Yet, there are many who also seem to disapprove of the process that others so claim to be the best form of rule of government. Some Americans might believe that being able to vote and participate in presidential elections is one of the truest forms of democracy, but this is not the case. Not only are elections non-democratic, but also America itself is not a democracy. The truth is, some Americans dislike the way our political system functions…show more content…
In fact, it was the founding fathers themselves who warned us that a country under democratic rule would never be able to function properly. They feared a democracy as much as they feared a monarchy from developing. The founding fathers knew that a country based on a democracy would either become too weak or too powerful. If it became too powerful it would lead to tyranny of the majority. This would cause oppression to the small minority groups, leading to a lack of individual freedom, liberty, and rights. Instead, the founding fathers intended for this country to be based on a constitutional republic, in which protection and rights would be equally given under a written law that would also limit the power of the government. This is probably a really good reason why our pledge of allegiance refers “to the Republic” and not “to the democracy”, and why the word democracy is nowhere o be found in the…show more content…
When people think of America, the first thing that comes to mind is the land of opportunities, equal rights, and freedom that people can have in this country. Of course, this can be true to some extent, but this belief that has made America so unique, has also failed many times throughout history. A democracy is based largely on the principle that under law, every citizen is granted equal rights and freedom without discrimination of any kind. Yet, many people throughout history have been discriminated, had their rights denied, and been ridiculed due to their skin color, gender, race, nationality, or religious beliefs. They were neglected opportunities that they were meant to have, completely violating the concept of democracy. America has had a history with the tyranny of the majority suppressing specific social groups and minorities. Unfortunately, until this day we still see discrimination happening way more often than we would like too. Giving America one more reason to not be considered a

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