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Americ A Diverse Country Essay

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America is an extremely religiously diverse country. It has been from its start and continues to be so even to this day. However, it could not be this diverse without conflicts between all the different beliefs. The history of America has been affected by theological struggles. There are many reasons for these theological struggle as well as many people or groups of people. One of the first is the Spanish. Others are Catholics verses Protestants, Puritans and the First Great Awakening.
The Spanish were the first Europeans to come to America. The Spanish came to Florida in 1513. They came because they wanted to gain land and convert Native Americans. The Spanish were Catholic. They had already been gaining land and converting people in Porto Rico several years earlier, but now they wanted to do this before the Protestants came. The Spanish did not have great success at converting Native Americans for several reasons. They disrespected the Native American religions, forced tried them to convert and tried to change their culture. The Spanish made many Native Americans change their names to Christian names. They wanted them to learn Spanish so that they could read the Bible. In the case of the Hopi, the women had more economical power than Spanish women so they tried to change that. The Native Americans did not like this and lead to many revolts and uprisings against the Spanish. Unfortunately, they did not always go very well for the Native Americans as the Spanish were more powerful.
Back in England, there had been several decades of fighting between the Catholics and Protestants for control of the government. The Protestants had complete control by the 1680’s. This led English Catholics to want a place where they would have rel...

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...ew Jersey. One who was even popular and more important was George Whitefield who made several tours around the colonies. His messages were not theologically deep but they had a lot of emotion, he also used his speaking voice and his acting abilities to his advantage. He also was one of the first to advertise in local newspapers and sell copies of his sermons. Another important man in the Great Awakening was Jonathan Edwards. He was known for using vivid language. This would lead to a change in how church was done.
America has changed a lot since its beginning days. There has been a lot of religious activity that has gone on. History has been impacted by these theological struggles in many ways. The Spanish, Catholics verses Protestants, Puritans and the First Great Awakening all had an impact on American religious history. That is what has made America so diverse.

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